The entertainment unit is an undervalued and overlooked link in our home entertainment experience. As technology changes, so has our taste in entertainment units. Does anyone remember the entertainment cabinet? Despite changes in the way we view television, watch media and play games, we aren’t adding the number items our entertainment unit must hold, rather, we are actually lessening this amount. We need sleeker and more minimal furniture to hold our sleeker thinner devices. Visit to see beautiful, elegantly designed entertainment units perfect for the modern entertainment setup.

Less Is More.

Not too long ago what was considered a large TV was also wide and very heavy. Cathode ray tube screens gave a nice picture but were also bulky and hot. To house a large (at the time) CRT screen you needed a cabinet that was deep and could keep the heat out. This cabinet also functioned as a shelf for a VHS player, games console, audio receiver and/or whatever device or peripheral you were lucky enough to have. Now a large TV is a sleek wafer of silicon and glass. Your entertainment unit does not need to house all these things because a smart TV has a media player built in. Modern entertainment units are built with this device consolidation in mind.

Less Fuss Less Dust.

There seems to be a direct link between the amount of cables tangled behind your unit and the amount of dust that gathers there. A modern and simplified entertainment unit free of clutter with eliminate these dust pockets using cable management. Now your unit will be easier to access and clean, good for you and it looks better too, how can you lose? Domayne’s Ayres Entertainment Unit is an Australian made statement piece that conceals a large amount of organisational storage. With two pockets to run your cables through, you can effectively manage your device’s cords to remain hidden and organised.

No Distractions.

A modern and minimal entertainment unit should blend into your space, not just act as surface that your devices rest on. A simpler unit should present your entertainment without distracting you. Having nothing but the essentials should allow your TV screen to shine, drawing focus away from clutter and dust and onto your chosen media instead. Modern smart TV’s have thin bezels and should really be the centrepiece of your space.

Ample Storage.

Not that long ago, a lot of us had an entertainment unit that doubled as a media storage unit. As we amassed collections of CD’s and DVD’s our space became cluttered with our favourite titles. Smart TV’s now can stream thousands of movies on demand. Apps like Spotify and Sound Cloud grant you access to almost unlimited amounts of music without the need for physical media. Simplifying your space and doing away with your piles of physical media can give you more space and less hassle. Domayne’s Savvy Entertainment Unit provides homes with a minimalistic and sleek design that incorporates two drawers for a deceptively deep storage capacity.

Bring The Noise.

Simplifying your entertainment unit means saving space and improving aesthetics. We know that TV’s take up less space than before, the same goes for sound systems. New wireless systems such as the ever popular Sonos, gives you full sound in very little space, meaning more room for living.

Simplicity is the key with entertainment units. Gone are the myriad of devices used for separate functions. Now we have so much more technology and entertainment packed into our TV’s we rarely need to supplement our system with clutter. Smart TV’s, high tech 4k gaming consoles, space saving sound bars and wireless speakers all converge in your lounge-room to give you the best possible experience. Your entertainment unit should accommodate these few devices and nothing more. In a world of smart devices and always chasing “the next big thing”, the humble entertainment unit is best served simple.

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