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A look at the best-selling armchairs by the acclaimed Italian brand

As a high-end furniture retailer committed to offering only the best of what’s on the market, Cavallini1920 pays close attention to the changing tastes and preferences of its customer base. And while trends come and go, one of the most popular brands in the Cavallini1920 collection is undoubtedly Flexform, a company which is known precisely for its defiance of seasonal trends, and its drive to create timeless furniture that will never go out of style.

Year after year, Flexform armchairs remain in high-demand with Cavallini1920 customers, who appreciate their exquisite designs and understated elegance, as well as the superior quality of its materials and builds. Flexform boasts a truly impressive catalog of armchairs to choose from, so it isn’t easy to narrow down the selection. Nevertheless, we have tried: here is the list of the five most beautiful Flexform armchairs.

Top Flexform armchairs: the THOMAS armchair

With its unique compact design, the Thomas armchair is one of the most popular and recognizable pieces in the entire Flexform collection. Its curved wood structure can be made in either Canaletto walnut or ash, stained or lacquered in various shades, while the oversized seat cushion – arguably the product’s most distinctive feature – is available in a number of fabric or leather coverings. Always unobtrusive yet impossible to miss, Thomas is a bona fide masterpiece that embodies the quintessence of Flexform armchairs.

Top Flexform armchairs: the FEEL GOOD armchair

The Feel Good armchair provides a contemporary take on the enveloping, rounded shell concept. Impeccably stylish and inviting, this timeless creation marries warmth and sophistication, lending itself to a variety of different moods and spaces. Its seat cushion is sumptuously padded in goose down, while the backrest features an extra layer of memory foam and Dacron to ensure the utmost comfort. Available in both leather and fabric coverings, this Flexform armchair has a patented metal base in both a swivel and a non-swivel version.

Top Flexform armchairs: the GUSCIO armchair

A pristine synthesis of refinement and warmth, the exquisite Guscio armchair soothes the eye with its stylish composure, and pampers its “guests” with its enveloping form. The armchair, whose base can be crafted in either wood or metal, features a wrap-around shell structure and a luxurious multiple-padding system conceived for maximum comfort. Designed by Antonio Citterio, this versatile model can add a note of impeccable elegance to the most disparate spaces, from private homes to corporate offices and from hotel lobbies to boutiques.

Top Flexform armchairs: the BOSS armchair

As its name suggests, the Boss armchair exudes an air of prestige and authority, whether you’re a big-time CEO or simply the executive director of your own living room. Perfectly suited for both home and office, this attractive Flexform armchair is as comfortable as it is handsome, with a rich down padding and a sturdy, ergonomic structure. The armchair is available with both fixed legs or a swiveling metal base, customizable in various finishes, while the removable covering can be crafted in a host of leather and fabric options.

Top Flexform armchairs: the EDMOND armchair

Simple yet unique, understated yet spectacular, the asymmetric Edmond armchair is a microcosm of the Flexform style. The trademark tubular structure makes an unmistakable statement, while the armchair’s generously-padded seat and plush seatback cushion create an intriguing contrast with the airy lightness of the upholstered structure. The upholstery, as usual, is available in the full range of Flexform fabrics and leathers, while the metal tubing can be provided with a satin, chrome, burnished, black chrome or champagne finish.

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