In certain parts of the USA, carpenter ants have really become a great problem. These carpenter ants usually make their colony in damp or dead woods and create tunnel like hole so that they can easily move into it. They may be small in size but capable of creating a big damage to the property.

If your home is infested with carpenter ants then you must be wondering what you should do. However, it is important to know what you should not do.

  • Not taking efforts to identify the type of infestation

Carpenter ants and termites both can damage dead and damp woods. If you notice piles of wood shavings then you can suspect either termites of carpenter ants have infested your premise. However, in order to treat this pest, you need to identify them properly otherwise you cannot use the correct treatment. Carpenter ants are usually black colored insects with segmented bodies and measures ¼” to 3/8“in length. Termites are white ants having large head and don’t have segmented body.

  • Ignoring the damages done by carpenter ant

Following are few signs of carpenter ant infestation

  1. Crawling around home or building
  2. Coming out of their holes or crevices
  • Faint rustling noise that can be heard from the wall

  1. Wood shaving piles

In case you spotted any of these signs then you should not ignore but look for their solution which is called in French as solution pour fourmis charpentière.

  • Solely rely on your own method

As soon as people notice the presence of these ants they try to use borax or any other natural treatment like cinnamon and in the beginning such remedies may work too. However, we can’t completely rely on this method as they cannot eliminate the total infestation. You need to take help of any professional pest control company.

  • Not hiring any pest control company

You have to understand that with your DIY methods you cannot eradicate the menace of carpenter ants and you need professional help from any pest control company. They will not only completely eradicate carpenter ants from your premises but also provide you tips to prevent their reoccurrence.

  • Not preventing the reoccurrence of carpenter ants

After eradicating the carpenter ants, you need to take following steps to protect your home for further infestation of carpenter ants.

  1. Seal all entrance points
  2. Use airtight container to store foods
  • Clean immediately if food or drink spills
  1. Trim all bushes and trees around home

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