If you are a fan of chandelier, specifically Antler chandelier, you would know how it is a great addition to your interior décor. They certainly redefine the style of a room. However, chandeliers can also easily gather dust and they require great maintenance on a periodical basis. If you are looking to purchase an Antler chandelier, remember that maintaining them on regular intervals is vital. Here’s how you can keep an Antler chandelier in top shape.

Cleaning Antler Chandeliers:

Right after purchasing antlers, always make sure you clean them with hot water and bleach. Assuming that the velvet is still attached to them, remember to treat antlers before hanging them. This probably might have already been done if purchased from a reliable supplier.

Now, to properly clean and maintain an antler chandelier, here’s what you need to do. Turn off the chandelier first and see that the bulbs have cooled down so that you don’t burn your hands. To avoid any risk of shock, do not clean them when it’s on power. Only use distilled or white vinegar for cleaning, to avoid any damage.

Use a soft and dry rag to gently wipe and remove the dust off an antler chandelier. Clean the whole set twice for the perfect clean. When done, you shall prepare a cleaning solution that contains a cup of distilled water or white vinegar mixed in a quart of warm water. Dip a cloth into this solution and use it to clean the surface of the chandelier. Use this damp cloth to clean only the antlers and not the bulbs or sockets for safety. Get rid of any excess moisture by wiping a dry and soft cloth over the chandelier.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure:

Always keep away antler chandeliers from direct exposure to sunlight. This not just applies to chandeliers but antler furniture, in general. Periodic exposure to sunlight can cause damage to antlers. Moreover, if the antler is exposed to hours of direct sunlight on a daily basis, it could lead to cracking and bleaching as well.

Prevent Temperature & Humidity Fluctuations:

Just as wood expands and contracts as a result of fluctuations in temperature and humidity, antler chandeliers are also prone to damage in such conditions. Try to prevent this from happening when your antler light is indoors. Similarly, if your furniture such as antler chair is outdoors, keep it inside during extreme temperature or humid conditions.

One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your antler chandelier or antler furniture is to purchase those that are made using the highest-grade antlers. Based on factors such as quality, flawlessness, and color, antlers are graded on a scale of one to four. Stay away from grade three and grade four, as they are not safe for use in chandeliers.