Are you eyeing the property for sale in Cornwall and looking to buy one as an investment, or maybe even to do up and turn into a holiday home for your family? Compared to the exorbitant London and South East property market, Cornwall properties are much more affordable – but there are still several factors that you should consider before you make a purchase.

In particular you may want to keep these tips in mind when looking at any property for sale in Cornwall:

  • Think about the type of property that you’re looking for

Do you know exactly what type of property you’re looking for? Quaint little village cottages in Cornwall can make for a cozy holiday home to get away to, but you may find it difficult to let it out. On the other hand larger properties are easier to find rentals for, but require more maintenance.

Another factor to bear in mind is the condition of the property itself, and whether it will need to be done up and renovated or refurnished in any way.

  • Find out more about the legalities and restrictions

Some parts of Cornwall such as St Ives have a ban on second homes to try to ensure housing doesn’t become too expensive for locals. Additionally other areas may have restrictions that require homeowners to live and work in the vicinity.

Aside from that if you’re looking to buy-to-let or turn the property into a holiday let then there are other restrictions that may apply as well – so you will need to do your research.

  • Scope out the area

It can help to find out more about different parts of Cornwall, and may help narrow your decision somewhat. If you are looking for a property that can be used as a holiday home or holiday let then you will probably want it to be near popular tourist attractions, beaches, or coastal paths.

On the more conventional side you will want to also find out what amenities are nearby, as well as where the closest transport links, shops, and schools are located.

  • Decide whether or not you need a buying agent

If you want to buy a property in one of the smaller villages in Cornwall, you may find that there aren’t that many available and they rarely come onto the market. To help ensure that you don’t miss any opportunity you could enlist a buying agent who will work with you and help you get the type of property that you’re after.

Additionally assuming you aren’t going to be in Cornwall to inspect the property, negotiate, or bid at auctions – having a buying agent to act in your stead could help.

If you keep these tips in mind when looking at property for sale in Cornwall, you should be able to find a number of good options for a holiday home or investment. In fact you’ll probably be amazed by just how much value is in the market, and may find options that you hadn’t even considered in the past.

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