Many first-time parents are loath to get rid of their first child’s gear, clothes, toys, and the other items they bought for or were given to their baby. They want to keep these items as mementos. They also want to save them so that any kids they will have in the future can use them as well.

Simply keeping them at home, though, isn’t a good idea since they will take up a lot of space. If you don’t have enough storage space in the first place, these items will contribute to the clutter inside your home. And if they are not stored properly, they can get easily damaged. This means your efforts for keeping them will go to waste since your future kids won’t be able to use them at all.

A storage rental unit is the best place to store your baby items. By renting one, you will clear out some of the clutter in your home. At the same time, you will be able to get the most value out of some of the more expensive or priceless baby items you plan to keep for the future.

Storing Baby Gear and Other Items in a Storage Unit

To ensure all your expensive baby gear and other items will be stored properly in your rental unit, below are useful tips for storing them:

  1. Baby crib

A crib is one of the many baby furniture pieces that should be kept for future use. This is because they tend to be expensive, especially if you purchased a high-end one.

To store this properly, start by taking a photo of the crib before taking it apart. If you kept the instruction manual, follow the assembly directions in reverse when disassembling it. Place the hardware found in specific sections or parts of the crib in one bag and label each bag properly so that you will have an easier time reassembling it for later.

If you have kept the box of the crib, use it to store all the hardware.

For the crib mattress and mattress pad, wash them first. Use disinfectant wipes or spray them with an antibacterial solution after washing them to prevent mold and mildew growth. Once they are thoroughly dry, wrap them in plastic or place them in mattress storage bags before storing them in your rented unit.

You can also place the mattress and mattress pad in the same box as the crib. You can also keep them on top of the box but make sure you keep the mattress flat to maintain its integrity.

  1. Baby swing and rocker

For baby swings and rockers, wash and dry all fabric parts first. If they can’t be removed, wipe these parts with disinfectant wipes and air dry them.

Next, disassemble these fixtures. Again, take photos of them first before you start disassembling them and place hardware found in similar areas or parts in one bag and label them accordingly. Place them in the boxes they came in or find a carton or container big enough to hold the gear. Don’t forget to label these boxes as well.

If your storage unit isn’t capable of holding a lot of items, you can store them as they are. However, make sure you cover them with a white cotton sheet to protect them from dust and dirt.

  1. Smaller baby equipment

For high chairs and changing tables, clean and disinfect all surfaces and ensure they are dry before taking them apart. Again, take photos of these items before you disassemble them. Once you start taking them apart, put the hardware in bags and label them as to where they should be placed or where they are located.

Make sure you remove batteries from these gears before storing them. This is because batteries can cause acid leaks that could permanently damage the items.

You can also choose to keep them in the storage unit assembled. However, make sure they are clean and dry before storing them. Cover them with a white cotton sheet or cloth as well.

  1. Baby toys

Before making the decision to keep baby toys in your storage unit, check each item first. Look for signs of chew marks and cracks. If a toy has one or both of these, it is best to throw them out since the cracks or crevices may already be harboring bacteria.

Also, make sure your storage unit is temperature controlled or air-conditioned. If not, do not store any plastic toys in the unit since they can break down in the heat, have components that will melt, and leach chemicals into the air. They will also become brittle and crack quickly when exposed to extreme temperature changes.

If a plastic toy is still in good condition and you really want to keep it, wash it with soap and an antibacterial solution first. By doing so, you will prevent bacteria from spreading and certain mold or mildew from growing.

For stuffed toys, machine wash and dry them on the low cycle or leave them under the sun to dry before storing them.

Once all plastic and stuffed toys have been cleaned and disinfected, place them in a plastic storage tote. A plastic storage tote is the best storing material for toys since it will allow the items to breathe, which, in turn, will prevent mold or mildew growth and damage.

To preserve your first baby’s gears, make sure you have the right cleaning products and supplies. Next, ensure you choose the right storage unit and store the items properly so that your future kids can also use them as intended.

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