There are many landscape contractors in Singapore with many services available to nurture your landscape. However, each customer has different needs and goals; some want to beautify the landscape, while others are seeking maintenance. Below are some questions to ask when finding the right landscape contractor that will meet your aspirations that are according to your budget. 

1) How much manpower do you have?

First, landscaping requires a great deal of inspection, installation of systems, replacement of parts and equipment, as well as maintaining the health of plants. A company needs to have adequate manpower to do these well.

You can call up the company to present to them your goals and timeline to work something out according to your budget.

A good company will be able to understand the needs of your landscape. This may mean doing an inspection and finding out the core problem that needs to be fixed. For example, they may discover weed growth around your landscape that is competing with existing plants for nutrients. Removing weeds can be an arduous task that requires a great deal of manpower. 

2) How long have you been doing landscaping?

Second, you can ask about the company’s experience and what services they have provided for different clients in the past. An array of customers and services show that they are able to deal with a myriad of issues and have the right expertise to deal with the demands of customers.

After that, you can check on the company’s reviews, which can indicate the company’s long-standing commitment to work well with their clients.  

3) What is covered under the warranty?

Next, do inquire in detail about the things that are covered under the warranty. This is vital as there may be a chance that problems do recur after installation and maintenance work is being done.

Also, ask about the duration of the warranty. You do not want to request for a replacement of a component, only to realise that you only requested for it after the warranty period has ended.

Feel free to inquire!

If you are looking for a landscape contractor in Singapore, Imperial Services is an established company that specializes in landscape maintenance, offering a wide range of services from pest control to grass cutting.

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